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Complete table incl Ergofunk II stand | 120°

Complete table incl Ergofunk II stand | 120°

Desk that fits well in a smaller office. The table is ergonomically designed with height adjustable stand and a center cutout.

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Stable and silent stand that has an engine in each leg, which gives a lifting force of up to 130 kg. The stand has no beam between the legs, which gives a generous space for your legs.


Electrical powered height-adjustable T-stand.

Stable and quiet.
Two engines.
No beam between the stand legs gives free space under the table.
Expandable for triple tripod.
Lifting crane up to 130 kg with widespread load.

Dimensions: 1100 x 800 x 1905 mm

Choose from two height adjustments:

  • 680-1180 mm (stroke length 500 mm)
  • 630-1280 mm (stroke length 650 mm)

Material: Veneer and laminate
Veneer colors: beech and birch.
Laminate colors: beech, birch and white.
Tripod colors: Black, white, silver gray and chrome.