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Ergofunk Smart | L-top

Ergofunk Smart | L-top

Electric height-adjustable table.

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Our T-stand tables are available with manual or electric height adjustment. Elstativen available in several versions with different stroke lengths and capacity to optimize every need. Tripods for larger table tops are available.


Electrically powered height-adjustable T-stand

Stable and quiet
Integrated control box (Plug and play)
Two engines
No beam between the stand legs gives free space under the table

Lifting force> 100 kg at wide load = 2 legs
Lifting force> 150 kg at widespread load = 3 legs

Choose from two height adjustments:

  • 670-1170 mm (stroke length 500 mm)
  • 595-1245 mm (stroke length 650 mm)

Legs, 500 mm SL two-piece or 650 mm SL three-piece.
Completely PVC free system.
0.1 W standby consumption.
5 year warranty.

Stand colors: black, white or silver gray.


Technical specification

Längd bordsskiva:

Ergofunk Smart el 1100, 500-slag: 1100-1400 mm
Ergofunk Smart el 1500, 500-slag: 1500-1600 mm
Ergofunk Smart el 1700, 500-slag: 1700-2200 mm

Ergofunk Smart el 1100, 650-slag: 1100-1400 mm
Ergofunk Smart el 1500, 650-slag: 1500-1600 mm
Ergofunk Smart el 1700, 650-slag: 1700-2200 mm

Sidostag för skivdjup = / > 900 mm