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Side cabinet 41860

Side cabinet 41860

News 2019!

Storage that helps you keep the work surfaces free and keep track of your workplace.

More information

New look on our 1325 mm side cabinets! What sets the new model apart from the other (41804) is that you now see the top plate. The design of the cabinet can also be changed from left to right as well as double-sided.


With flexible and smart storage furniture, you keep the work surfaces free and make it easier to keep track of your workplace.

Material: Veneer and laminate
Veneer colors: beech and birch
Laminate colors: beech, birch, oak, white, light gray, and dark gray

Details are available as standard only in brushed steel. For other colors on the details ask for quotation.

Technical specification

  • Width: 415 mm
  • Heigth: 1325 mm
  • Depth: 800 mm

Available with clothes pockets, as well as in double-sided version. Flexible details make it possible, for example, to change the design in the cabinet, from left to right.


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