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Sliding door cabinet 41608

Sliding door cabinet 41608

Convenient storage that makes it easy to keep track of the workplace.

More information

Lanab Groups cabinet consists of a veneer or laminate coated chipboard. Can be supplied with base, legs or wheels. Choose from interiors with shelves and sliding doors. Delivery time two weeks.


Choose storage with base, legs or wheels. Choose the storage suitable for your office - open cabinets or cabinets with furnishings such as shelves and sliding doors. The product is delivered assembled, only details are mounted by buyers.

Material: Veneer and laminate
Veneer colors: Book and birch
Laminate colors: beech, birch, oak, white, light gray, and dark gray

The cabinet is not available with wheels and legs, only base.
Handles for sliding door cabinets are only available in brushed steel.

Technical specification

  • Width: 1600 mm
  • Depth: 415 mm
  • Height: 925 mm

Frames and interior consist of veneer or laminate coated chipboard.


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