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Selma | Floor Screens
Selma | Floor Screens
Selma | Floor Screens
Selma | Floor Screens

Selma | Floor Screens

With Selma floor screens, you have multiple possibilities to construct a secluded space as needed, regardless of how your office looks.

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With our smart connection fittings and stable feet, you can adapt the partitioning exactly as you want. You can even fit castors to move it smoothly around the
room. Selma floor screens come in seven different widths and four different fabrics as standard (other fabrics are available as non-stock items).


Selma has a 44 kg/m3 fibre filling, which gives it both very good sound absorption properties and super stability. The fibre material used is made of waste material from production, along with recycled PET bottles.

Silento Screen products are laboratory-tested for sound absorption (N10-value). This means, among other things, that the products have been tested for the most common frequency ranges in office environments.

The material used for Silento Screen products is certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that the products meet strict human ecological requirements, i.e. do not contain chemicals in concentrations that are harmful. The products are also largely made from recycled material; partly waste material from production, and partly recycled PET bottles.

Our partitioning is recyclable over and over again. When you are ready to change your Silento Screens, you can deposit them with us to give them new life. We renovate, reuse, and recycle the material in order to produce new partitioning, either for your own or someone else’s office. Contact us to learn more.

Technical specification

Selma floor screens

  • Width: 800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 | 1800 | 2000 mm
  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Depth: 40 mm

Standard fabric Gabriel Xpress - grey, graphite, black and off-white.
Other fabrics / color choices from Gabriel Xpress, see fabric overview at the end of the price list. Price and delivery time for other fabrics on request.

Click here to see our fabrics. 

Selma connecting fittings - top

  • Connecting fittings 2-way straight
  • Connecting fittings 2-way angle
  • Connecting fittings 3-way
  • Connecting fittings 4-way

Selma connecting fittings - bottom

  • Screen foot T
  • Screen foot T wheel
  • Screen foot T 2-way straight
  • Screen foot T 2-way straight wheel
  • Screen foot end
  • Screen foot 2-way straight
  • Screen foot 2-way angle
  • Screen foot 3-way
  • Screen foot 4-way
  • Screen foot
  • Screen foot, coupling and corners


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