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The Silento Screen™ range is our practical and neat screen solution, which makes it simple to create sound dampening “rooms within the room”. Section off the room with our floor screens or make your desk more private with a table screen.

With our smart connection fittings, you can easily combine different-sized screens to create a meeting room or transform a large area into several individual offices.

Products in the Silento Screen range have a fibre filling, which makes them stable and good at absorbing sound. The table screens are also available with a reinforced track system, so that you can install your display screen, or other items, directly onto the partitioning.

Our partitioning is available in two different thicknesses, 34 mm and 40 mm, and comes in plenty of colours and fabric combinations. The entire Silento Screen range is laboratory-tested for sound absorption (N10 value), and the fabrics are fire-retardant.