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Silento Pod™ Station is the largest model in the series, and is designed for meetings of up to four people. Despite the fact that the room is relatively large, it is easy to move by unscrewing the support legs and rolling it into place.

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With our Station model, it is possible to adapt the exterior colour to go with your office’s interior design. You can also choose from eight different fabrics for the seating furniture in order to personalise your pod even more.

With acoustic foam and soundinsulating rubber in the walls, you can hold meetings that are completely undisturbed and without disturbing others.



Silento Pod is solidly constructed with an 8 cm thick
acoustic aluminium frame, which is fitted with reinforced,
powder-coated side panels. All glass sections
are laminated on both the inside and outside for extra
safety and better sound insulation. The pod’s support
legs are stable and sturdy in order to dampen vibrations
and stabilise the entire construction.
There are air ducts in both the ceiling and the side
panels for good ventilation. The inner walls are clad
with durable, acoustic felt, with good sound absorption


Silento Pod has dimmable lighting, with 9W LED


Silento Pod comes with a 3-metre-long connection
cord. The pod is equipped with two power sockets,
a network socket, a telephone socket and two USB
charging sockets.


Silent ventilation fan with an airflow of 74 m/h.


Taking measurements in accordance with ISO 23351-1,
figures of up to 32 dB at a frequency of 8,000 Hz
were recorded.

Technical specification


Width outer: 2200 mm
Depth outer: 2000 mm
Height outer: 2340 mm
Width inside: 2036 mm
Depth inside: 1824 mm
Height inside: 2100 mm

WEIGHT: 520 kg

ASSEMBLY: 3–4 hours

LIGHTING: 8 pcs 9W LED spotlights

VENTILATION: Two ventilation fans


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