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Vicki chair

Vicki chair

Comfortable and adaptable.

Vicki is an unique conference chair. The name Vicki refers to the chairs possibility to move. In Swedish "vicka" actually means wiggle.

More information

With design of Christina and Lars Andersson and with a movable seat and backrest, vicki is a conference chari with superior comfort.


Vicki is constructed to create variety in sitting. Fixed with rubber, the seat and backrest easy follows the movements of the body. This gives the possibility to sit upright, leaning forward and backwards.

Vicki's timeless design and functionality make it a good fit in meeting rooms as well as in the restaurant and conference environment. The chair is easily stackable and also switchable with separate fittings. A writing board for the chair is also optional.

With a large selection of fabrics and the ability to paint the steel tubes in matching color, Vicki can easily blend into the environment as well as stand out in an otherwise colorless room.

Technical specification

Fact and measurements (cm)

  • Seat height: 44
  • Seat depth: 45
  • Seat: 48x41
  • Backrest: 29x46
  • Width between armrests: 46
  • Total width: 54
  • Total height: 78
  • Total depth: 55


A conference chair that is movable. Seat and backrest move independently.