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Innovative and dazzling.

Lei brings together innovative technology and striking design in a revolutionary way.

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Together with the designer Monica Förster, we have created one of the world's first office chairs made entirely for women, a chair that is tailor-made to meet the ergonomic requirements that female sitting requires.


As one of Sweden's most reputable designers, Monica Förster was an important piece of the puzzle in the development of Lei. For us, it was important that the product's exterior should reflect the innovative and revolutionary inside.

At our workplaces we have long been missing an ergonomically well-functioning chair designed for women. Now it's here, Lei. With patented technical solutions such as LumbarFlex and unique design, Lei is tailor-made to meet the highest ergonomic requirements for female sitting. LumbarFlex is designed to provide a unique active lumbar support that smoothly follows the user's movements forwards and backwards without losing contact with the back. Further ergonomic advances are that the resistance of the swing function adjusts automatically to the body weight, that the backrest's rear slope can be adjusted to different long intervals. The incline of the seat is also fully automatic.

Technical specification

LumbarFlex ™, active lumbar support - the patented LumbarFlex ™ is a technical solution that follows the user's movements forward and meets constant lumbar support.
The resistance of the swing function automatically adjusts to the body weight
The back slope of the back can be adjusted to different long intervals
Automatic tilting of seat
Adjustable lumbar support height
Back, seat and undercarriage fully clothed
Wheels with rubber track for all kinds of floors
Gas regulated seat height


After the ergonomic specifications were completed, a number of new technical solutions were required for Lei to be ready. Stylish and user-friendly controls, an easily adjusted backrest and, not least, the patented lumbar support LumbarFlex are some of the solutions that made Lei the technically, functionally and design-perfect chair it is.