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Höganäs +561

Höganäs +561

The biggest work chair we have.

With a more generous upholstery and volume in the seat and back, +561 offers additional comfort and is well suited for sitting longer.

More information

Höganäs +561 and +562 are the largest work chairs we have, 3 cm wider and 2 cm deeper. Like the other chairs in the plus series, Höganäs +561 is offered in more than one design.


Almost next to endless possibilities and a huge level of detail, Höganäs + is one of our best and most personal chairs. Höganäs + is available with a choice of eight different backrests, four different seats, gas columns in three different height ranges, three different headrests and can be equipped with a variety of accessories and an inflatable lumbar support.

With more than 20,000 variations, Höganäs + can be precisely tailored to your needs and desires.
Höganäs + is also tested and approved for 24-hour sitting.

Technical specification

Höganäs + 561 / + 562

  • Seat height: 40–57
  • Seats DxB: 49x46
  • Backrest DxB: 44x54
  • Angled seat and back: Yes
  • Back-up: Optional
  • Headrest: Optional
  • Armrest: Optional

Technical information for Höganäs +

  • Multimatic mechanism with lockable swing
  • Gas-controlled backrest angle
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Seat and back completely clad in fabric or leather
  • Foot cross in black or polished aluminum with black gas column
  • Easy rolling wheel with tread in PU for all kinds of floors
  • Gas-controlled seat height
  • Armrest adjustable in height, width, depth and angle
  • Headrest adjustable in height and depth


This chair series has from its first launch offered extremely high quality product solutions. This applies to ergonomic function, shape, design and the range of optional options. Officeline has retained the original high quality of the series while also carrying out a product development of the chairs' mechanics to the highest level. For example, prominent features are being able to maintain a superb support for the back, regardless of sitting position. This is possible thanks to the multimatic mechanism, which combines swing with separate seat and backrest mobility.

Depending on the user's wishes, there are unusually large options to build the chair further. Examples are options of headrests, different backs, seats, different armrests and wheels for all kinds of floors. The result gives a great deal of freedom to tailor a really good and durable product.