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Höganäs ECO S

Höganäs ECO S

Variation in the modern workplace

The ECO model meets all the requirements that the electrically height-adjustable computer workplace places on flexibility and efficiency.

More information

The advanced chair mechanism with three balance shafts allows the ECO to offer maximum possibilities for varied sitting and a chair that moves in symbiosis with the body.

Technical specification

Eco Small

  • Seat height: 41-59
  • Seats DxB: 46x40
  • Backrest DxB: 40x49
  • Angled seat and back: Yes
  • Back-up: Optional
  • Headrest: Optional
  • Armrest: Optional

Technical information ECO

  • Cable regulated, lockable swing mechanism
  • Shared seat for half-sitting
  • Gas-controlled backrest angle
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Seat and back completely covered in fabric
  • Black aluminum base with black gas column (standard)
  • Foot cross in polished aluminum (optional)
  • Easy rolling wheel with PU tread for all types of flooring (standard)
  • Gas regulated seat height, 41–59 cm standard
  • Ten Year Warranty


Compared to traditional chairs, ECO has specifically ergonomic qualities.
The chair has a combination of all the ergonomic advantages available in Höganäs + range, including a built-in balance function. ECO is one of its kind with this patented solution of integrated balance sitting in a chair for conventional sitting.

You sit in the chair with an upright back and in balance by increasing the seat height individually and utilizing the special balance function that prevents you from sliding off the chair. As in the other chairs within the Höganäs family, a good ECO is based on shifting and variation, often.