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Höganäs 280
Höganäs 280
Höganäs 280
Höganäs 280
Höganäs 280
Höganäs 280

Höganäs 280

The 2-series offers a fantastic sitting experience and a modern design. A chair for everyone, but customized for you!

More information

The 280 model is the 2-series intermediate chair. Like all the other models, the chair’s every detail has been carefully selected and is top class. In its basic form, the 280 is equipped with a medium-sized seat and back, but as we are all shaped differently, you can of course choose to adjust both the seat and back as you so desire.

With all Höganäs models, you can also adjust the armrest. If you want to get the very best out of your office chair, and at the most affordable price, we recommend armrest 2D. It is height and width-adjustable. Combine it with our inflatable lumbar support cushion to further increase the comfort level. Or take a look at other add-ons to create the exact office chair that you need.


With our painstaking attention to detail, and many options, the new Höganäs is one of our best and most personal office chairs. As always, you can tailor the chair to your needs and desires.

We have updated the design, as well as the feeling of comfort and quality, in order to create a sleek, easily-placed and adaptable office chair with a focus on your active sitting.

With a Höganäs office chair, you can sit for long periods, and still be active throughout your working day.

Technical specification

Höganäs 280                                                 

  • Seat height: 40–53
  • Seat size W:46 x D:49
  • Size backrest W:43 x H:55
  • Back-up: Optional
  • Neckrest: Optional
  • Armrest: Optional

Technical information Höganäs 2-series

  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable seat angle (neutral or tilted)
  • Seat and back entirely upholstered in fabric or leather
  • Base in black plastic with black gas lift
  • Base in polished aluminium (add-on)
  • Castors, black
  • Gas-regulated seat height, 40–53 cm
  • Gas-regulated telescopic seat height, 47–67 cm (add-on)
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Armrest 2D height and width-adjustable (add-on)
  • Neck rest height and depth-adjustable (add-on)
  • Lumbar support cushion with one air chamber (add-on)
  • Design that gives support and exerts a pleasant pressure between the shoulder blades in a reclined position.
  • Synchron mechanism, lockable in any position, with adjustable resistance.



When we developed the 2-series, we took great care designing the different models. Our aim was for the models, even in their standard version, to work very well for a large number of people. In the true spirit of the Lanab Group, you still have the opportunity to customise the chair to suit your physique, in order to achieve a more finely-tuned, ergonomic sitting position.

All Höganäs office chairs are designed for prolonged sitting, and offer several different adjustable positions for active sitting. It should be nice and easy to sit comfortably and adjust your position. Therefore, we made the chair’s controls easy, clear and logical to operate.

So that you feel fully confident, we provide a 10-year guarantee on all of our models.