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Individual needs-adapted sitting.

Surf gives you maximum support and smooth movements with its synchronous tongue. Surf follows the body's natural movements in both forward and backward posture. Surf is also available with Freefloat mechanism, which means that seat and back move independently and are lockable separately. Choose to lock your back but let the seat follow the movements, or vice versa.

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The antichock system means that the back can only be released if you lean against it, this to prevent the back from moving forward when the locking is released.


This chair is of high ergonomic quality in that it provides full support in both a restful rearwardly inclined seat and in an active forward slope. All of the chair's adjustment possibilities are easily adjustable from sitting position - an important function to stimulate the user to interact with his The backrest of the chair can be set freely in relation to the seat's angle and thus ensures that the natural s-shape of the back can be more easily maintained in more seating positions.The seat depth can provide a good sitting position for short individuals, or one can also obtain a more open angle in the hip joint. in backward tilted position, which facilitates breathing and circulation The chair can furthermore be adapted to the individual and needs through several options and adjustment options.

The synchronous mechanism always follows the body's movement patterns in different sitting positions. The user does not have to think about setting the back or seat - the chair simply manages this itself.

Technical specification

Lockable synchronous or freefloat mechanism with antichock system.
Adjustable rock resistance with tissue.
Seat depth adjustment.
Adjustable lumbar height and back height.
Armrest Softfeel adjustable in height, width, angle, depth.
Headrest adjustable in height, angle and depth.
Back and seat fully upholstered in fabric or leather.
Foot cross in polished aluminum with gas column in chrome.
Wheels with rubber slide for hard and soft floors.
Gas regulated seat height.


The Antichock system means that the back can only be released if you lean against it, this to prevent the back from moving forward when the locking is released.
The armrests in softfeel material can be adjusted in height, depth, side and angle. The black nylon foot cross is standard, but foot cross in polished aluminum is available as an alternative. A headrest is available as an option, which increases comfort and enables a momentary resting.

Available in models Mid (seat DxB: 47x49, backrest WxH: 42x47, Armrest: option, headrest: no) and High (Seat DxB: 47x49, backrest WxH: 42x57, armrest: option, headrest: optional).

10-year guarantee: This chair is covered by a 10-year quality guarantee and a unique lifetime warranty on all our gas columns. Most of our chairs are also tested and approved according to EN-1335.