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LD 6230 free float
LD 6230 free float

LD 6230 free float

Chair with very high ergonomics and design.

More information

Work chair that can be easily adjusted according to the body's various sitting positions. Raising and lowering of seat and back.


Work chair with free foat swing. Provides full freedom to decide for yourself how you want to sit for the best individual sitting comfort.

Standard fabric Aquarius.
Other colors available: Gray, Black, Blue, Red and Navy.
Leather: Black.

Technical specification


  • Back width: 440 mm
  • Back height: 430 mm
  • Seat width: 470 mm
  • Seat depth: 450 mm
  • Seat height: 420-540 mm

Fabric needed

  • Fabric width 140 cm = 90 cm
  • Fabric width 150 cm = 90 cm