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Ergo Sun
Ergo Sun

Ergo Sun

Classic design meets modern technology.

The chair Ergo Sun was the first product result of the fusion between Officeline and Höganäsmöbler. The combination of Sten Engdal's classic design and Officeline's modern technology proved to be rare.

More information

Ergo Sun's possibilities for active movement between sitting and standing makes it a perfect chair at adjustable tables.


Ergo Sun is a well thought out choice of work chair, especially at sitting and standing tables. The chair, via its freefloat function, stimulates active movement between sitting and standing. You change the seat height, back position and seating positions without having to think about how the controls are designed or placed, a clear ergonomic advantage. As an example, the backrest height changes completely without levers or buttons. With a freefloat mechanism, the seat and back can be locked independently, which makes it easy to vary the working position. One should also emphasize Ergo Sun's well-designed seat that maintains a sitting position in full balance. The seat can be angled forward and further helps the back to an upright and ergonomically good posture.

Technical specification

Separate back angle / swing adjustment with anti-shock system.
Separate seat angle adjustment / freefloat seat.
Adjustable lumbar height and back height.
Armrest Softfeel adjustable in height, width, angle, depth.
Back and seat fully upholstered in fabric or leather.
Foot cross in chrome and with gas column in chrome.
Wheels with rubber slide for hard and soft floors.
Gas regulated seat height.


Ergo Sun's stimulus for active movement between sitting and standing makes it a perfect chair at sitting and standing tables. The chair is equipped with the best freefloat mechanism which makes it possible to lock the back and seat independently of each other and a backrest which is adjusted to the desired height without either buttons or levers. The unique design of the seat ensures that you always sit in the middle of the sitting legs in full balance and the possibility of angling it forward forces you to a good posture.