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Polo M
Polo M

Polo M

Our medium model in the Polo series.

The chair fits most people's needs for sitting, slightly wider model than Polo small.

More information

Polo M, is our medium model in the Polo series. Sitting in a riding position with an open angle in the hip relieves the back, improves your posture and strengthens the body's muscles and reduces the risk of various types of stress injuries.


Polo M Active, the same seat as above but the chair has an active swing mechanism that makes the seat constantly moving in all directions, which improves your posture and strengthens the muscles in the back.

The seat follows all the body's movements and activates the body's muscles while you work. In this way you achieve an active and dynamic sitting. With Polo active we offer you an ergonomic and well-being while working.

Technical specification

The seat of the chair is padded with molded cold foam, soft and comfortable.
The chair has a good sitting comfort with the highest quality.
Gas columns are adapted to the user's length and needs, available in three different heights. Low, medium and high.
The base is standard in plastered aluminum with black wheels.
As an option, there are also black lacquered crosses and gas columns.
Accessories backrest (not active model), armrest Curve, foot ring and foot control.
Polo is offered in artificial leather, fabric and leather.