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Smooth and logical.

Slim as our most convenient work chair is designed for flexible workplaces in the school or home. The uncomplicated design and the logical functions contribute to creating an efficient working environment.

More information

Slim is equipped with a permanent swing function which is completely open, it is possible to set the resistance but it is not possible to lock the back. The armrests are adjustable in height, width and depth depending on how you mount them.


Officelines Basic range offers a base of ergonomically well-designed functions that can be recommended at workplaces where you sit for shorter periods, for example at home, workplaces or in school environments.

The chairs' controls are user-friendly and logical, both in terms of function and location. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between various ergonomically good functions, such as synchronous tongue, which provide a comfortable and smooth movement, or different seats, backrest and armrests. In other words, they build their own chair for their specific needs.

Technical specification

Resistance adjustment in the back swing function
Armrest adjustable in height
Seat and back completely covered in fabric Event black or gray
Foot cross in black nylon with black gas column
Wheels for hard and soft floors
Gas regulated seat height


Slim is available with two different back heights, Slim high and Slim low.