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Modern and neat ergonomics.

The Saddle is an ergonomic saddle chair in a modern and neat design that helps you sit right.

More information

The Saddle chair has a seat where the angle can be adjusted. Saddle comes in black synthetic leather or molded black integral foam.


With its ergonomically well-designed features, Saddle provides good opportunities for a varied, moving and balanced sitting. Adjust the seat height to give your feet good support and rest against the floor. Alternatively, the seat height is further increased, thanks to Saddle's foot ring with raised gas columns. This is a clear advantage at workplaces where you use higher table heights, for example at sitting and standing tables or at counter desks. The seat, angular and shaped like a bicycle saddle, automatically facilitates the balance seat. A moving seat with the entire body in balance is the best position for the back and neck.

Technical specification

Foot ring with raised gas column
Load brake wheels (standard)
Black nylon foot cross (standard)
Foot cross in polished or black aluminum


Saddle comes in black leatherette or molded black integral foam.