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Offices today are elegant, modern and attractive. Just like our new office chairs. We have taken Sten Engdal’s design classics to a new level. If you want to experience an absolutely world-class ergonomic sitting, then you must get to know the New Höganäs.


The new Höganäs +3-series consists of top-quality Swedish-made office chairs. We have honed the art of engineering to the limit, and combined technology with top-notch design in order to create a world-class experience. This is the office chair for customers who don’t want to compromise and who are looking for a chair with active seating.

The models in the new +3-series provide ergonomic support in all positions thanks to their adjustable backrest. Both the recline mechanism and the seat follow the body’s movements and create the right conditions for the spine and pelvis. At the same time, this office chair is designed to grace any modern office. We have helped develop Sten Engdal’s classic and timeless design into a sleek and tasteful office chair.

Are you looking for the best office chair? You’ve found it!



The new Höganäs 2-series consists of top-quality Swedish-made office chairs. We have used our Småland ingenuity to design and package a fantastic sitting experience, along with a sleek, modern design. And at the most attractive price possible. A chair for everyone, but customised for you!

When we developed the 2-series, we took great care designing the different models. Our aim was for the models, even in their standard version, to work very well for a large number of people. In the true spirit of the Lanab Group, you still have the opportunity to customise the chair to suit your physique, in order to achieve a more finely-tuned, ergonomic sitting position.

All Höganäs office chairs are designed for prolonged sitting, and offer several different adjustable positions for active sitting. It should be nice and easy to sit comfortably and adjust your position. Therefore, we made the chair’s controls easy, clear and logical to operate.



With our painstaking attention to detail, and many options, the new Höganäs is one of our best and most personal office chairs. As always, you can tailor the chair to your needs and desires.

We have updated the design, as well as the feeling of comfort and quality, in order to create a sleek, easily-placed and adaptable office chair with a focus on your active sitting.

WE COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES - So we created Höganäs

Are you tall or short? Do you have broad or narrow shoulders? One thing that is certain is that no two people are the same. So we need office chairs that can be designed individually. This is especially important as many of us spend a large part of our working life sitting. Höganäs is a series of office chairs developed for the greatest possible mobility, flexibility and comfort. We have, for example, taken into consideration that the S-shape is the spine’s neutral position. This relaxing position puts the least load on the spinal discs, and therefore our office chairs are developed to help maintain the S-shape, even in a sitting position.

Why have we created two series of the new Höganäs? Simply because we want to create fantastic and healthy sitting conditions for as many people as possible. The new Höganäs exclusive 3-series is designed for people who want to have the best on the market. When you choose an office chair from the 3-series, you get a chair with unique biomechanics that gives you full support down your entire back in all positions. The chair is customised to the highest spec, down to the smallest detail, including our unique lumbar support cushion that supports the muscles in the lower back without creating pressure on the spine.

Once the 3-series was ready, we knew that this sitting experience ought to benefit even more people. No sooner said than done - we developed the 2-series. The same neat, sleek design, and with the famous pressure-relieving triangle in the back. And to give more people the opportunity to sit actively, we developed a similar, but simpler technology compared to the 3-series. This means that with the 2-series, you get a world-class office chair, but at a considerably lower price.


Both series are of a high standard, but you can create a tailor-made chair by choosing various add-ons. The new Höganäs series is built from the ground up with the focus on ergonomics and comfort. If you are looking for a healthy and comfortable sitting position, the Höganäs series is available to satisfy your needs.

Tip! See the video about the Höganäs office chair for a deeper
understanding of how active seating improves your health.


Choose Höganäs for quality and a forward-looking environmental awareness

We don’t see an office chair as a disposable  product or something that you replace every other year. Rather, we are convinced that quality always pays in the long run, both for you and for the environment. When you buy an office chair, you are, in a way, investing in your own or someone else’s well-being. If you want to sit comfortably, compromise is not an option, because compromise always comes at the expense of function or sustainability. We are therefore always extremely careful and pay attention to detail when we develop our chairs. We quite simply choose the best design and production solutions, the ones we know work – and will continue to work over the long term. Product quality and reliability are paramount, so we also offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our chairs. Quality and longevity are important factors when choosing an office chair.

Just as important is the fact that the product is produced in a manner that is both good for the environment and sustainable. For us, it’s important that we use natural materials such as wood, steel and aluminium in our chairs to the greatest possible extent. Steel and aluminium can be melted down and reused without losing their properties. Wood, fabrics and various padding materials can be incinerated, making it possible to recycle energy in a sustainable manner. Money invested in our environment is something we will all benefit from in the future.