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Cubic is a stylish furniture in one cubic that may be converted into a complete ergonomic workplace in only 19 seconds.

More information

Cubic offers the right ergonomics with a height-adjustable work table possibility to stand up, use an office chair or standing support. Cubic is complete with charging station, storage space and very easy to move. Cubic is perfect for the home office.

Cubic is sold by our dealers. For help finding a dealer nearby you, please contact us at +46 (0)380-31 11 00 or info@lanabgroup.se

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  • 41640-7 White laminate
  • 41640-78 White laminate with front and top shelf in light gray laminate 
  • 41640-710 White laminate with front and top shelf in oak laminate
  • 41640-711 White laminate with front and top shelf in white pigmented ash laminate
  • 41640-712 White laminate with front and top shelf in dark pigmented ash laminate

One Powerdot with a main socket and a USB, 3 cable glands, one cable gutter and wheels, 2 wheels are lockable.


  • 6900105 Function strip white, 1050 mm, incl end pieces
  • 6900051 Monitor mount, silver (not available in white)
  • 6900057 Slider 3-5 kg, white, for height adjustment screen
  • 6900050 Led lamp, white
  • 6900106 Pen cup, white
  • 6900104 System shelf C4, white
  • 20750 Branch socket with 6 sockets, white
  • 20742 QI charger smartphone
  • 42010 Locks for doors
  • 11900500 Forearm support black lycra incl table mount
  • Support Point Standing support, fabric Event black. Point is an ergonomic standing support stool that helps you sit in a correct and relaxed way.

Technical specification

Cubic Facts

  • Height: 1310 mm
  • Width:  1230 mm
  • Depth:  630 mm
  • Turning radius door: 600 mm
  • Weight: 100 kg

Facts working desk

  • Workspace: 1060 x 520 mm
  • Height adjustment: 670–1230 mm
  • Stroke length: 560 mm
  • Lifting force: 80 kg