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1 March


-Now increased “screen time” suddenly becomes something positive, says Niclas Lindqvist, CEO Lanab Group.”


Silento Screen is a series of stylish and practical floor and table screens that make it easy to create space in the room while reducing the noise level in the office. This is the third product series in Lanab Group’s investment in sound-absorbing products for the modern office.

- With Silento Pods, Silento Wall and Silento Screen, we cover the entire sound environment in the office, says Niclas Lindqvist, CEO of Lanab Group.

Silento Screen includes screen solutions that allow you to quickly turn an open office space into a private meeting room or individual office. Silento Screen includes a well-known product for those who know their Lanab range - Alma, a screen solution for both desks and floors.

The latest addition to Lanab’s screen family is the Selma series, which is available in both floor and table screens. Selma’s thickness is 40 mm and has extra good sound-absorbing qualities. The series includes screens in seven widths - from 80-200 cm. The floor screens can be equipped with wheels to smoothly change the environment in the office. In addition, you can have the Selma table screen reinforced with a function list that allows you to mount your monitor directly on the screen.

The products in Silento Screen are tested in a laboratory environment for sound-absorbing properties (N10-value) and the fabric used for the screens is fire-rated. Most screens are available in stock in different fabrics and colors.

- This means that you can quickly receive delivery from us. But if you want another fabric on your Screen, we will solve that as well - there are lots to choose from, says Niclas.

Do you want to experience Silento Screen in an office environment? You are very welcome to contact us at Lanab Group.

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