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1 September

Meet the New Höganäs

New edition of Höganäs, the stylish design classic.

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Lanab Group have taken Sten Engdal’s design classics, Höganäs, to a new level. We come in all shapes and sizes. So we need office chairs that can be adjusted to different needs and desires. And as offices today are sleek, attractive and minimalistic, the different models in the new Höganäs series are designed in the same way.

The Nya Höganäs consists of two series of Swedish-made office chairs, with a strong focus on creating a healthy and ergonomic sitting experience. Höganäs chairs are designed to help your spine maintain its neutral S-shape while you are sitting. 

The Nya Höganäs exclusive +3 series
The +3 series is designed for people who want to have the best on the market. A top-quality design combined with the best technology. The result? A sitting experience beyond all expectations.
The unique lumbar support cushion, adjustable backrest and recline mechanism, which follow the body’s movements, create the right conditions for both the spine and pelvis. The fact is that the +3 series provides ergonomic support in all positions – even lying down.

The Nya Höganäs top-quality 2-series
When the new Höganäs 2-series was created, Lanab Group used its Småland ingenuity to package an ergonomic sitting experience with a sleek design. We wanted to create top-quality active seating, at the lowest price possible. A chair for everyone, but customised for you. The 2-series comes in three different sizes of backrest so that the user can easily create an office chair that perfectly matches their shape and needs.


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Lanab Group AB
Lanab Group was founded in 1990. The company has 25 employees and produces ergonomic, Swedish-made office furniture. Our head office, with administration, order processing and customer services, is located in Nässjö, where our office chair production also takes place.
The Höganäs chair is a part of Lanab Group’s range. The Höganäs chair, generations of which go back to 1957, has been, and continues to be, a design inspiration in the office chair segment.