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17 August

Hello and welcome Andreas - our new CEO!

We would like to in introduce our new CEO, Andreas Gustafsson, started a week ago, on the 8th of August.

Hello and welcome Andreas!

 Please tell us shortly about yourself and your background.

  • I am born and raised in Nässjö, I have a Master of Science in Business Administration from Jönköping University, this is also where I now live with my wife Caroline and our two children (ages 6 and 8). Every day is filled with various sports- and other activities, in addition to this we try to spend as much time as possible in our summer house in Vireda, where we swim, fish, play golf and enjoy the peace and quiet, which we love.


What drives you?

  • To be involved in developing people on a personal and professional level. To have the opportunity to build a team from individuals based on their different strengths, a team which hopefully mostly wins and develops together, but also turn setbacks to success. I also wish to build a culture where we dare to challenge each other and find the best solutions in a positive way.


Why did you want to take the job as CEO at Lanab Group?

  • Lanab is entering an exciting phase of development, with great products and strong possibilities for growth together with the support of our owners at INEV. I was also attracted by the positive feeling I got from meeting the people in the organization and the core values ​​that I consider very healthy. I also want to see how far we can develop our brands Höganäs, Silento, Lanab and Officeline, as well as of course our 24-hour range. Being responsive, flexible, and delivering complete, ergonomic office solutions with short lead times will continue to be very important in the future.


Are you interested in reading more about our new CEO? Look out for our next newsletter for a longer presentation of Andreas Gustafsson.