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11 November

Cubic – perfect for the home office

Complete ergonomic workplace in 19 seconds.

Lanab Group has together with Åström Design developed cubic - a stylish furniture in one cubic that may be converted into a complete ergonomic workplace in only 19 seconds. Cubic offers the right ergonomics with a height-adjustable work table - possibility to stand up, use an office chair or standing support. Cubic is complete with charging station, storage space and very easy to move.

In addition to optimal work ergonomics, cubic also offers an easy way to mount one or two screens, lamp and smart storage solutions for printer, charging, docking, pencils and a standing carpet. Our ergonomic standing support chair that helps you sit correctly also fits in cubic!

With its minimum area of 0.8 sqm, cubic itself suites in many different places such as the home office, temporary workplace in the office or for Co-working. Cubic is easy to move around between different rooms and workplaces as it comes with lockable wheels.         

Cubic is delivered in white laminate with Oak, Ash, or Light Gray on doors and lids as an option.

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