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8 March


This year's price list filled with news - now uploaded!

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1 March


-Now increased “screen time” suddenly becomes something positive, says Niclas Lindqvist, CEO Lanab Group.”

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1 September

Meet the New Höganäs

New edition of Höganäs, the stylish design classic.

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11 November

Cubic – perfect for the home office

Complete ergonomic workplace in 19 seconds.

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27 September

Lanab Officeline becomes Lanab Group

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29 August

Victoria is looking for a colleague!

We want to be more and now we are looking for a colleague to Victoria in Stockholm.

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10 July

Happy summer!

Happy summer! Lanab Officeline will have closed during week 29 and 30. We wish everyone a wonderful vacation. See you again week 31.

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20 June

Happy midsummer!

On Thursday, June 20, at 12.15, we put on the wreaths and dance out in the midsummer rain to herring, strawberries and other goodies. We all wish you a really good midsummer! Thursday 20 June: 08.00-12.15 Midsummer Eve: Closed

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