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We know how to furnish work places!


We think it should be easy to work and easy to access what you need - every day.
We also think it is important to be able to offer office furniture that makes it possible
for the body to be active during working hours. Click on the products in the picture to see how we create a complete office.

In the player to the right, you can watch a video about the ergonomic chairs from our brand Hoganas.

Mix and match our products

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Equally, but still so different. In our inspiration office, the "creative studio" anyone can work; You will find the personal expression when you mix and match. Choose the color range that best suits your office environment. The products we have chosen to furnish in our "creative studio" are desk Ergofunk Smart, work chair LD 6340 and as storage, 1200 x 1325 mm sliding door cabinet. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you if you want advice or help with mixing and matching our products.



Pictures from projects that Lanab Group been a part of.