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About us

Lanab Group is a fusion of two companies with an idea of good and ergonomic office furniture at the right price, of good quality and within reasonable time.

Fast deliveries and own production

We are unique by being able to supply a wide range of ergonomic and durable office furniture in Swedish design within just two weeks. The furniture requires minimal assembly and suits well for most offices.

Since we have our own production units and therbt full control of our production, we are both cost-effective and flexible. This means that we also have the opportunity to participate in larger projects where there may be special solutions.


Flexible and easy

We have a simple view of logistics. Instead of manufacturing everything ourselves, we build our products of components that we buy from the best manufacturers, all specialists in their area. We have invested in a large warehouse where we can keep our entire solid range on the shelves.

Thanks to the possibility of using the same components in several of our products, we are very flexible. When you order we assemble the components needed for your products - quickly and easily!


Privacy Policy

Your security and privacy are important to us at Lanab Group We think it is important that you know what information we need from you and how we treat them.

We work actively to protect your personal data. In order for us to feel secure with our handling of your personal data, we have appointed a data protection agent who has the task of reviewing and ensuring that we handle your personal data correctly. We educate everyone who works at Lanab Group in how we handle personal data in order to ensure that your personal data is in safe hands.


Our history

Lanab was founded by Lennart Andersson in Nässjö in 1990. Today we are 25 employees. Our head office with administration, order reception and customer service is located in Nässjö where our chair production also takes place.

The production of storage and tables takes place in our factory in Mjölby. We currently supply our furniture to the whole of Scandinavia. In the spring of 2018, Niclas Lindqvist took over as CEO of Lanab Design.

LT Office Line was founded by Lennart Tranback with a vision of being able to offer the right office chair to the right person and at the right price. In 2010, the Höganäs chair was purchased by LT Office Line.

The Höganäs chair has been manufacturing chairs since 1957, where they have developed several models that have been designed in office chairs.

Environment and quality

With our roots in the big forests of the Swedish Highlands, in an area called Småland, we always have the environment in our focus. Our environmental policy is based on a strong belief that together with others, we must constantly improve and simplify for our customers to choose sustainable solutions. It is a ovious matter to save your, our and nature's resources. For us, the manufacturing process of furniture must be as gentle as possible for the environment and the finished result.Your workplace must have a long life and may even be reused. Our transports are minimized since our raw materials are sourced from the local area and this raw materials is of the highest quality.

We have a clear and distinct responsibility for our work with quality. All our employees take responsibility and contribute with their competence. This creates a high delivery reliability and a strong confidence among our customers and the market. Our goal is to create added value for the customer. In our quality efforts, there are short delivery times, high personal service, a positive attitude and an interest for our customers. Our desire is for our customers to enjoy contact with us at Lanab Group, both by e-mail or by telephone.


Work Environment Policy

Our employees are our backbone and platform. Therefore, we want our employees to feel well and enjoy working here at Lanab Officeline. The company is working to create a safe working environment where nobody risks being physically, psychologically or otherwise affected by too high, or otherwise unhealthy workload.

We are constantly working to improve health, eliminate hazards and reduce risks. Where it is technically and financially possible, machines and processes are designed to live up to laws and limit values.

Personal protective equipment should also be provided. We want everyone to have a good work content with stimulating tasks, where all employees also should be able to influence their work situation.

Since December 2018, we are certified according to environmental and quality standards, ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as working environment 45001.

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Code of conduct

To ensure that our products and their components are manufactured under the right conditions in terms of ethics, working conditions and environmental thinking, we have established a so-called code of conduct. This can be downloaded as a PDF reed/download here